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Creative Collaborations


Constantly in search of new music and eager to collaborate, the Alturas Duo has performed with a variety of artists from around the world all while developing an exciting new repertoire for choral ensembles and orchestras in addition to their own unique instrumentation by working with a diverse group of composers.

with Composers

Since the inception of Alturas Duo, Carlos Boltes and Scott Hill have been working with composers. These collaborations have seen them premiere dozens of pieces for viola and guitar and many for the unusual pairing of charango and guitar. (At least in the classical world!) In addition, they have taken these two instrumental combinations and commissioned works for choir, orchestra, singers, and a myriad of other instruments. They look forward to many more premieres in the future!

in Performance

The award winning Alturas Duo takes its name from the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda's poem "Alturas de Macchu Picchu." Scott Hill and Carlos Boltes' performances move from beautiful and serene to fiery and pulsating. Known for their humorous and entertaining stage manner, the Duo explains the provenance and imagery of the music they perform as well as the instruments and underlying rhythms that make it so unique. This fusion of entertainment and education makes for an unforgettable concert experience and brings audiences on a musical journey through their unique blend of classical and South American music. 

Collaborations with Composers


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