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The award winning Alturas Duo takes its name from the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda's poem "Alturas de Macchu Picchu." The English translation for Alturas means "heights." The performances of Scott Hill and Carlos Boltes move from the beautiful and serene to fiery and pulsating. They are entertaining, engaging, and enthusiastically allow audiences to journey to new musical heights by way of their unique blend of classical and South American music.



Carlos Boltes and Scott Hill have an exceptional ability to engage students of any age. In conjunction with their concerts, the Alturas Duo graciously welcomes opportunities to teach perform and interact with students through in-school programs, community workshops or university master classes. These can be offered in English or Spanish upon request



Constantly in search of new music and eager to collaborate, the Alturas Duo has performed with a variety of artists from around the world to developing exciting new repertoire for choral ensembles and orchestras in addition to their unique instrumentation by working with a diverse group of composers.



Scott Hill, guitar and Carlos Boltes, viola and charango


Praised by The Washington Post as playing with "marvelous virtuosity," Alturas Duo is recognized as one of the most engaging ensembles performing chamber music today. Bringing together the worlds of South American folk, western classical, and contemporary music, guitarist Scott Hill and violist and charango player Carlos Boltes have performed throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe as well as Central and South America to great acclaim. As Christopher Zimmerman, Music Director of the Fairifax Symphony, notes that Scott Hill and Carlos Boltes as the Alturas Duo are the quintessential 21st century artists."


The 2023-24 concert season has Alturas Duo maintaining a busy schedule of performances, master classes and lectures as well as premiering pieces by Ronald Pearl, Javier Contreras, Russell Nadel, Joshua Hummel, and Javier Farías. In addition to their ongoing work with the Elqui and ADDA Trios, Alturas Duo will be performing with the Cuarteto Latinoamericano to premiere Suite Folklorica Argentina by Esteban d'Antona.


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Creative Collaborations in Performance


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