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The Alturas Duo loves to collaborate with choirs! To this end, they perform beautiful standard repertoire such as Ariel Ramirez' Misa Criolla and Navidad Nuestra as well as having commissioned and premiered ten new works! The Duo can perform instrumental interludes between choral pieces in any combination using the guitar, charango, and viola for classical or folkloric style. They may also incorporate Andean woodwinds, percussion, and classical flute, if requested. Length and style can be modified to fit the needs of any choral program. We look forward to hearing from you!

“As a conductor, I must say it is a privilege to work with consummate musicians who understand choral music and who bring verve to evey nuance of rhythm and who make our musical collaborations sparkle and our audience dance.”


   ---Christopher Clowdus, Artistic Director
Empire City Men’s Chorus, New York

Click here for details on Alturas Duo's South American Classic and Folkloric Choral Collaborations.

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