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Carlos Boltes & Scott Hill as Alturas Duo

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Whether performing as Alturas Duo, Elqui Trio, ADAA Trio, Ensemble Alturas or with other esteemed ensembles such as Cuarto LatinoamericanoCarlos Boltes, Scott Hill, and their colleagues hope you can share part of your day with them

so they can share their passion and joy for the music they

make with you. If you attend a concert or workshop,

please be sure to introduce yourself!

Mar 25, 2020

11:00 AM

“Bridges” with violinist Saúl Bitrán | Holyoke MA

Leslie Phillips Theater

Holyoke Community College

30 Homestead Ave  Holyoke, MA


Connecting traditions and styles, Alturas Duo performs with violinist Saúl Bitrán in a program bridging western European and new world cultures. Featured are works such as Sérgio Assad’s “Winter Impressions,” Ronald Pearl’s “Cantilena,” Gwyneth Walker’s “Close to Home,” which was written for Alturas Duo and made possible through a New Music USA 2018 project grant, and a signature Alturas Duo “Suite” of Chilean folk music. Paganini's solo violin caprices with guitar and Venezuelan cuatro added in for good measure!

This is a free concert open to the public as well as the HCC community sponsored by the HCC Latinx & Language Studies department and Student Engagement funding.

Feb 08, 2020

February 4th - 8th

Alturas Duo joins Opera Nova for "Monkey See, Monkey Do"

Opera Nova | (703) 536- 7557

Gunston Middle School

2700 South Lang St  Arlington, VA


Alturas Duo joins Opera Nova in Arlington, VA for a week of in-school performances of Monkey See, Monkey Do, the delightful 35 minute, six character chamber opera for children based on a traditional Mexican folk tale, and culminating in a public performance on Saturday morning. 


Written by Roberto Xavier Rodríguez, Monkey See, Monkey Do is presented in both Spanish and English. This “captivating and energetic work”* was created for family audiences and weaves Mexican folk melodies into Rodríguez’s own musical texture, among them a variation of the popular "Chapanecas" (Mexican Clapping Dance) and two strains from the celebrated "El Jarabe Tapatio" (Mexican Hat Dance). Audiences of all ages will be eagerly rooting for the underdog to become the hero!

Interested in this type of program for your community? Click here.

Feb 02, 2020

4:00 pm

Thanksgivings for Life & Love | Lakeville, CT

Lakeville United Methodist Church

319 Main St  Lakeville, CT

(860) 435-4866


Alturas Duo and Gonzalo A. Cortés (quena, zampoña and percussion) join the Crescendo Vocal Ensemble led by Artistic Director Christine Gevert for a performance of the "Thanksgiving for Life and Love" program featuring 16th century Spanish polyphony and contemporary Latin American folk music for Connecticut audiences. 

Feb 01, 2020

4:00 pm

Thanksgivings for Life & Love | Great Barrington, MA

Saint James Place

352 Main St  Great Barrinton, MA

(860) 435-4866


Alturas Duo and Gonzalo A. Cortés (quena, zampoña and percussion) join the Crescendo Vocal Ensemble led by Artistic Director Christine Gevert for a program of 16th century Spanish polyphony and contemporary Latin American folk music titled “Thanksgiving for Life and Love.”  


The concepts of Thanksgiving, The Dove, The Dew, Mary, Weeping and Remembrance are portrayed in Hispanic works of two different eras and styles. Featured are motets for four to six voices by Tomas Luis de Victoria, Francisco Guerrero and Antonio Lobo—some of the most remarkable composers of 16th century Spanish polyphony. Works include Victoria’s Te Deum, Guerrero’s Maria Magdalena, and Lobos' Versa est in luctum, among others. In contrast, choral and instrumental arrangements of Latin American folk melodies of the 20th and 21st centuries by Carlos Guastavino (Argentina), Violeta Parra and Victor Jara (Chile), and others are celebrated as Canto Nuevo (The New Song). Some of the most famous are Parra’s Gracias a la vida, and Guastavino’s Se equivocó la paloma. The poetry of these newer works includes texts by Nobel Prize winner Gabriela Mistral and Rafael Alberti, one of the greatest literary figures of the Silver Age of Spanish literature.

Jan 15, 2020

January 15th - 16th, January 22nd - 23rd

Alturas Duo, Artist Residency | Simsbury, CT

Simsbury High School


In a four day residency, Alturas Duo introduces high school students to the music of South America. With its Origins of South American Folk Music program, Alturas Duo delves into how European, Native South American and African music have converged to influence South American Folk Music through time. Through interactive discussion and musical examples, the various instruments and rhythms that make this music it is today and highlights the similarities and differences of the three cultural influences.

Interested in this type of program for your school? Click here.

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Dec 06, 2019

8:30 pm

Cantares Latinoamericano: Alturas Duo with baritone José Sacín

Piolin 2 Restaurant

395 Franklin Ave  Hartford, CT


Restaurant Piolin presents Alturas Duo with renowned Peruvian baritone

José Sacín to perform pieces by Mozart, selections from de Falla's “Seven Spanish Songs” as well as Peruvian and Chilean folklore. This entertaining evening also features popular singer Cesar Augusto Altamirano and Baila Peru. Lots of fun, food, dance, and great music. See you there!

Nov 23, 2019

7:30 pm

Manchester Symphony & Chorale features Alturas | Manchester, CT

St. Mary's Episcopal Church

41 Park Street  Manchester, CT


In its 60th season, the Manchester Symphony Orchestra & Chorale celebrates with a concert titled “Canciones de la Tierra” (Earth Songs) featuring the Alturas Duo. The program includes works such as Ariel Ramírez’ Misa Criolla, Loirena McKennitt’s Tango to Evora, El Cumbanchero (Hernández/Morales-Matos), Harry Belafonte’s Turn the World Around, and César Isella and Armando Tejada Gómez’s famed Canción con todos, which has been designated by UNESCO as “Anthem from Latin America” (and has been translated into 30 languanges!).

Nov 15, 2019

7:00 pm

The NEXAW Project! | Lakeville, CT

Trinity Lime Rock Church

484 Lime Rock Rd  Lakeville, CT


This special performance introduces The NEXAW Project!, a colloboration between guitarist Scott Hill and violist and charango player Carlos Boltes of the Alturas Duo, renowned Chilean/Spanish tenor and flutist, Ignacio Ugarte and the marvelous harpsichordist and choral director, Christine Gevert. NEXAW (The Next Awesome Project!) will be performing works by G.F. Handel, Sérgio Assad, Javier Farías, and Victor Jara. This is a rare opportunity to hear beautiful music from the Andean oral tradition, the high Baroque and contemporary masters performed on both classical and South American folk instruments!


Nov 02, 2019

7:00 pm

Alturas Duo with Juniata College Concert Choir | Altoona, PA

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church

806 11th Street  Altoona, PA


Alturas Duo with guest Chilean flutist and tenor Igcacio Ugarte joins Conductor Russell Shelley and the premier off-campus choral ensemble at Juniata College for a community concert featuring two monumental choral masterpieces from the South American canon: Ariel Ramírez​’ Misa Criolla and ​Javier FaríasCadera de las Islas. The Alturas Duo will be joining the Juniata College Concert Choir for its spring tour in Chile.

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