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from Ayre to Air

Through the juxtaposition of the Western European tradition with South American folk and contemporary American, from Ayre to Air provides an engaging introduction to violist and charango player Carlos Boltes and guitarist Scott Hill as the Alturas Duo. Soar through the heights of the Andean Altiplano where "ayers" are passed on in the oral tradition before descending to the Atacama desert in a captivating suite based on this beautiful, barren landscape. Take to the sky on the "Flight of Your Soul" like a "Bird Without a Flight Plan" as the Alturas Duo pays homage to iconic Chilean folk legends Victor Jara and Violeta Parra before returning to earth to hear modern masters Russell Nadel and Ronald Pearl. The duo's unique combination of instruments, virtuosity, and diverse range of repertoire and composers is what truly makes Alturas Duo one of the most unique performing in the chamber world today.

This is an ideal program for a chamber music series concert with an accompanying audience development and/or in-school event(s).


Ventolera                                                     Chilean Folk

Vuelo de Parinas                                         Chilean Folk 

Viola Concerto in G Major                           G.P. Telemann (1681-1767)

From Air to Air *                                           Russell Nadel (b. 1983)


Ven a mi                                                       W.E. Centellas (1945-2009)

Pájaro sin plan de vuelo *                            José Lezcano (b. 1960)  


Suite Atacama                                                Chilean Composers

     Preludio                                                     Horacio Salinas (b. 1953)

     Nubes pasajeras                                       Ernesto Cavour (b.1941)

     Espejismo *                                                Alberto Cumplido (b. 1957)

     La rosa y el volcán                                    César Palacios (b. 1955)

Tango - A la tristeza de Buenos Aires          José Lezcano (b.1960)

Movt III from Sonata for viola and guitar  

In purple, in blue *                                                  Maxim Vladimiroff (b.1972)

Ventolera                                                       Chilean Folk

* works written for Alturas Duo


program subject to change

"Their combination of charango and guitar, filled with innovation and virtuosity left me captivated. Their incursions into classical and Latin American repertoire are perfect."


---Ernesto Cavour, charango virtuoso &

director of Bolivian Musical Instruments Museum

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From Air to Air by Russell Nadel - Alturas Duo (Carlos Boltes, viola and Scott Hill, guitar)
Ventolera - Alturas Duo (Carlos Boltes, charango and Scott Hill, guitar)
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