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Vox Americana

Over the past 18 years, the Alturas Duo has premiered over 60 compositions. Vox Americana is a series of programs, and eventually a collection of recordings, intended to bring together this music which has been commissioned or written specifically for the Alturas Duo... music that has evolved out of friendships, particular projects, or has fortuitously arrived through happenstance.

This first Vox Americana program has been curated to feature the wonderful, yet highly underused sonority and timbre of the guitar and viola. As immigrants to the United States, the question of what makes an "American Composer" has arisen more than once with questions such as: Can a composer who has been here a short time be considered an American? When does this transition take place? Does it take place? With this program, violist Carlos Boltes and guitarist Scott Hill present works from Japanese-, Russian-, and Cuban-born Americans as well as those who were born in the United States. The program also introduces a new work, specifically commissioned for the Vox Americana series, by the esteemed Gwyneth Walker who graciously agreed to work with Alturas Duo to provide something especially "American" to provide contrast to their Latin American tendencies. As Dr. Walker states, "perhaps New England in nature," given that Alturas Duo has made Connecticut its home for nearly two decades.

This is an ideal program for a chamber music series concert with an accompanying community/audience development  or in-school event(s). This is especially suitable to connect with university and college music students.


Portraits * (2016)                                          Thomas Schuttenhelm (b. 1970)


Distance * (2013) for solo viola                    Masatora Goya (b. 1975)


In purple, in blue * (2015)                            Maxim Vladimiroff (b. 1968)


Pájaro sin plan de vuelo * (2016)                José Lezcano (b. 1960) 


The Places We Left Behind * (2011)            Ronald Pearl (b. 1954)


Bajo la cruz del sur * (2020) solo gtr           Sergio Berchenko (b. 1973)


Close to Home ** (2019)                              Gwyneth Walker (b.1947)


From Air to Air * (2014)                                Russell Nadel (b. 1983) 

* works written for Alturas Duo

program subject to change


* * Close to Home was commissioned as part of the Alturas Duo: Vox Americana with Gwyneth Walker project

supported by New Music USA. To follow the project as it unfolds, visit our New Music USA  project page by clicking here.

"Their combination of charango and guitar, filled with innovation and virtuosity left me captivated. Their incursions into classical and Latin American repertoire are perfect."


---Ernesto Cavour, charango virtuoso &

director of Bolivian Musical Instruments Museum

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From Air to Air by Russell Nadel - Alturas Duo (Carlos Boltes, viola and Scott Hill, guitar)
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